One Suchness.

Creators of Artwork

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Raitis Jānis Raitums
Digital artist.
“My artist's mission is to point out the light that shines in every being. I create my artwork to awaken unlimited imaginative creativity and a multidimensional sense of being.”

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Ivars Burtnieks | Brauer
Componist | artist.
“My musician's mission is to give the listener a place to be. Where to get inspired or bring out deeper feelings.”

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Maria Rico Iribarne
Fashion model.
“My artist mission is to encourage others express themselves without fear and shame, to create aesthetic that would brighten this world and bring positive emotions.”

One Suchness seeks to visualise the concept that Existence animates itself through a play of divine energy. This existence of energy without any apparent reason. Just to be.

This is a special collaboration that allows everyone to see something.
The NFT is a good way to celebrate the creation of a great work of art together. This video is one of several projects that have already resulted in the first NFT artworks. As Side Effect studio we believe that NFT is not only the technolgy of the future but also the stage for the digital art of the future. We are excited about our first works in this medium. Side Effect is truly grateful to represent artists who create work with added spiritual emotional and artistic value.

Here you can see the original video at the "Extraterrestrial Entity" official Foundation profile.
We thank all the friends, collectors, art lovers and interested people for their attention and time. We look forward to seeing you back soon