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Visual designs and digital animations in Triton Poker Championships.

Side Effect Studio is all about innovation and artistry, and we're excited to share our creative process with you.
Come and explore this video, where we take you on a journey through the development and application of digital design that truly sets us apart in the world of poker.

Project Overview:
Our team has successfully completed the video design work for various elements of the event, including the main stage, screen tunnel, commentator studio, and the great hall.
The project involved creating a cohesive visual experience across 28 screens, aiming to captivate the audience effectively.

The main solutions:
The Main Stage: Calm and richly elegant mood with looped video designs.
Screen Tunnel: Created captivating video loop for players to come out on stage.
Commentators Studio: Developed professional video background with elegant graphics and banners.
Great Hall: Introduced video design of champion player profiles for hall screens.

commissioned project at Side Effect.