Meta Church.

Meta Church
digitally created art collection of cosmic Entities.

Mysterious symbolism, surreal cyberpunk, cosmic iconography and mythic storytelling that invites you to explore magical realm of fantasy.
Illustrations that convey a sense of movement and magic.
Become captivated with an angelic feminine allure.

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Meta Church is a collection that is perfect for NFT collectors who appreciate high-value art. Each work of art is designed to move both - the lover of high value fantasy art and the conscientious Art collector.
The artworks also come with individually composed music and sound for each piece, creating a complete and immersive sensory experience for the viewer.


2023 q1
Exhibit Mect Church artworks in the NFT Gallery. [Super Rare or Foundation] Minting the first art works of the Collection.

2023 q2
The first works will be sold very competitively, allowing everyone to get involved in the art project. Each following work will be slightly increased in price until they reach the 1ETH ceiling and the sale price will not be increased for the whole year 2023.

2023 q3
Promote artworks on Twitter and Instagram. Collaborate with physical galleries and create digital art exhibitions. Promote Meta Church artworks to the public on digital screens and as prints.

More news about this project will follow on this website.

Digital Art

All artworks are redrawn and digitally modified to achieve a high-quality artistic and emotional experience.
The video works are created using mixed media including AI-generated content.

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Raitis Jānis Raitums
Digital artist.
Video producer, graphic designer and NFT / Art lover. Founder of the studio Side Effect.
"My artistic mission is to awaken limitless imagination and multidimensional presence.”

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By joining our collection, you will gain access to a collaboration with a talented digital artist and become part of a community that shares your passion for beauty, mysticism and dreamlike fantasy exploration.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of art that will transport you to another dimension and inspire you to discover the hidden truths of the universe. Join Meta Church today and experience the magic for yourself.

Digital drawing technique - AI, Kit Bash, Digital drawing, Photoshop, After Effect. Individually composed music and sound for each artwork. - Designed by Raitis.