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Welcome to Side Effect studio

At Side Effect , we bring your ideas to life through stunning video production, captivating commercials, and immersive films. Founded by visionary video artist Raitis Janis Raitums, our studio has been a creative force in the audiovisual industry for over a decade. Our team of professional editors and artists is carefully selected for their exceptional skills and dedication. Each member brings unique expertise and a commitment to collaboration, ensuring that every project achieves outstanding results.

Studio Side Effect develops visual material for a variety of purposes

Our Services
Events - Artistic digital design that evokes atmosphere and emotion.
Advertising - Craft engaging commercials that capture your brand's essence.
Music Videos - Produce visually stunning music videos that amplify your artistic vision.
Feature Films - Create immersive films with high-quality visual effects and seamless post-production.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Visual Communication
We specialize in telling your story through professional, high-quality visuals that resonate with your audience.
Our creative approach helps raise the visibility of your project, brand, or music, creating recognizable imagery and authentic visual identities.
We believe in easy, respectful, and professional relationships. Understanding your goals is our top priority, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring the most effective solutions for your project.

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Side Effect Studio
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Video Production

Videography, Video post-processing, Special effects, Video edits, Art videos

Motion Graphics

Animations, Explanatory video, Commercials, 3D video, Packshots, Type design

Sound Design

Sound design, Sound post-production, Original music, Sound effects, Master and finalize

Easy Communication

We are easily approachable and responsive during projects, provide accountable, transparent and goal driven communication, offer friendly and self-sufficient professionals in team partnership

Team Leading

Project management and leading in visual artistic direction. Our team is eager to work with artists, especially on meaningful and large-scale projects

Professional Result

10 years of practical experience in photography, videography, creating different scale and type visual communication materials

We are looking forward to cooperate with:

Entrepreneurs and companies, who want to create digital communication with their clients. We will: create visual character and identity for a project or brand to tell your story on a digital platform create engaging and professional visual presentations (commercials, advertising) about projects, products, companies that speak to target audience

Organizations (NGO, educational, other), activists, journalists, TV – we will help you to tell your story and spread your information by creating powerful and easy-to-understand visual communication and story

Artists, film producers, film directors, film makers, who are looking for professional work done with editing, post-processing, opening scenes and subtitles, special effects scenes, animations, matte painting, 2d, 3d environment.

Musicians and music producers, who want to tell their story visually, create visual mood and environment. We offer to create professional video clips, CD covers that tell your story, Spotify wallpapers or single covers that enrich your music. We create distinctive material in post-processing, editing, special effects, color correcting, 2d, 3d environment.

Let's Connect

Side Effect Studio
+371 28244567