The Hiding Places.

Anita Intaite - Paslēpes

Music video by Raitis Jānis Raitums.

Music & tekst – Anita Intaite.

"The Hiding Places" The video story is about listening to himself and the past launch / forgiveness. The surreal environment of film heroes brings the opportunity to come to different levels of mind and memory and resolve the traces of past events. The surreal environment also creates an opportunity for personal experiences in an abstract form.

Thanks to all the team members for making this possible - Song Anita Intaite Editing Armands Začš Camera Ritvars Bluka Playing Anita Intaite, Ilze Green Hill, Raitis Raitums, Andris Celmiņš, Henrijs Laķis music author Anita Intaite executive producer Maximilian Kotovich light Nikita Karpov, Olga Bogdanova makeup Dace Maple hair Lauma Squirrel artist Eduards Dubrovskis team Anna Mlck, Ansis Landorfs, Zigurds Šablinskis costumes Karina Krista Likanse.

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